5 Technologies You Use Today and That Would’ve Blown Your Mind Just a Decade Ago

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As the famous Louis C.K. video goes, “We take everything for granted because everything is amazing today, and nobody’s happy.” Wait, what do you mean you have not seen that video? Ok, stop reading this and go watch it, it might be the best video of all time. See it here (starts at minute 2).

Anyway, back to our topic. The world of technology is moving at unprecedented speeds and we use more technology in our day to day lives than ever before. This is generally a good thing, but it is important to stop and pay attention to the amazing things we have and use, instead of complaining when our internet goes down once in a blue moon (yes, I am talking to myself here.).

Of course, there are many examples of truly astounding innovations I could have chosen, but I picked five technologies that largely either affect our lives now, or will do so in the near future. Some of them are no-brainers, others are a little out there…
5 Technologies You Use Today and That Would’ve Blown Your Mind Just a Decade Ago

1Mobile Processing

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This is the most obvious one of the crowd since the mobile phone has pretty much created the largest revolution since the light bulb. The modern smartphone has significantly more processing power than any supercomputer did just a few years ago. Quad core and even eight core processing units in a device you can easily slide into your pocket. I know this is nothing new and we all have heard about how amazing mobile technology is hundreds of times, but how can one talk about world-changing technology with no mention of the smartphone, right?Next >
What other examples of technology do you use regularly and would have amazed you just a decade ago?

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